ECI CASTING is a technological platform helping the entertainment employers and talents in making better deals together.

Based in Beijing, ECI CASTING is premium, international, efficient, direct, transparent.

ECI CASTING proposes, in Chinese and English, a great Chinese online platform:
• for qualified creative talent, below-the-line and technical talent working in the Chinese entertainment industry, to promote themself towards employers in a premium environment.
• for entertainment employers to find qualified creative talent, below-the-line and technical talent working in the whole Chinese entertainment industry.

ECI CASTING is the only Chinese web site promoting Chinese and non-Chinese entertainment talent in both Chinese & English, to reach Chinese and foreign employers.

ECI CASTING is the only Chinese web site promoting all entertainment talents' 200+ jobs from actors to cinematographers, from live events to radio stations experts, from graphic designers to make-up artists and music composers.

Each talent uploads her/his profile by him/herself. Qualified profiles are then approved by ECI CASTING before being accessible online to employers and having access to employers' talents searches. ECI CASTING is premium, selective and focuses on professional talents.

Talents are not exclusive to ECI CASTING. They can also register to other web sites. ECI CASTING is not the talents' agent.

Talent registering, exposure and access to jobs, missions and castings is free of charge.

Talents have to provide their bios/resume in Chinese or English.

Talents' agents managing their talents' exposure and castings on ECI CASTING are much welcomed.

Casting directors managing their castings on ECI CASTING are much welcomed.

Employers don't have to pay to surf on ecicasting.cn and/or search for talents. 

Employers and talents do want to manage their fees' negotiations, agreements' documentations and financial transactions on ecicasting.cn as they both trust ECI CASTING's business fairness, honesty and administrative efficiency.

A 20% commission on the talents' growth fees is charged to the employers when they hire talents found on ECI CASTING through ECI CASTING. Payments are wired only directly from the employers to ECI CASTING and from ECI CASTING to the talents or their agents.

ECI CASTING organises the employers and talents' get-to-know-each-others meetings to check if the fit matches both expectations. When employers and talents have agreed on the principle to working together, ECI CASTING can manage the fees' negotiations. ECI CASTING can then manage the legal employments' agreements, financial transactions and online follow-up on ecicasting.cn's intranet. Thanks to ECI CASTING's technological approach, all administrative steps are pre-set online to be e-managed for a maximum efficiency.

Talents and employers having registered on ECI CASTING agree to manage that specific employment's agreement and financial transaction on ecicasting.cn by ECI CASTING. The talents are not exclusive to ECI CASTING. When the employer finds a talent on ECI CASTING, he/she pays ECI CASTING a 20% commission fee if the talent is hired by the employer for that specific mission.

ECI CASTING is an www.eci.net company.