Production Designer

(Advertising, Cinema)

Russian (native) , English (fluent)
Artur Mirzoyan Born in Moscow in 1981 Since his childhood he was fond of drawing. When 12 years old Artur became a student of an art school which graduated from being 16 years old and then entered the University, faculty of Art and Graphics. The curriculum included painting, drawing, sketching, sculpture, arts and crafts, history of arts, etc. After graduating from the University he worked in the sphere of advertising – a company’s designer and chief designer. After that he began to work with leading Russian TV channels and film production studios: Animation: "Dyatlows", Production Designer (3D animated serial) (2004) "Human Quest", Background artist (2d/3d full length animated movie) (2005) "Sapsan" Production Designer (full length 3D animated movie). (2007) "Last Fairy tale Hiro" Guest Production Designer {full length 2D animated movie}. (2008) "The Fixies" Character Designer (TV series) (2009) "Mult Lichnosti" Production Designer (3D animated serial) (2009) "Snow Queen" Author of characters, Production Designer, Storyboard artist {3D animated full lenght movie}. 2012 "Sheep & Wolves" Character Designer, Concept Artist {3D animated full lenght movie}. (2015) "Pinocchio" Author of characters, Production Designer, {3D animated full lenght movie} (2014 / In production) SFX and CG: "NTV" (TV Channel) (Cg-fx director). (2005) Film: "Forbidden Empire" aka "Viy" Production Designer (Adventure, Mystery, Thriller movie). (2008) "Shoes" Cg-fx artist (short, completed) (2012) "The magic goblet of Rorrim Bo" Guest Art Director, {3D animated full lenght movie}. (2014) "Paws, Bones & Rock'n'roll" Cg-fx director, Storyboard artist, (Comedy, Animal, Action movie) (2015) "Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask" Production Designer (Mystery, Fantasy, Historical movie). (2016 / in production) "Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion 2" Guest Production Designer (mystery, thriller movie) 2017 / in production

Artur Mirzoyan has a strong experience filming in USA, China, Russia, Czech Republic. Working with AAA class actors and film-makers (Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charles Dance, Li Ma, Rutger Hauer, Jason Flemyng, Martin Klebba, Christopher Fairbank, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Xingtong Yao etc.) Main goals is creating movie visual conception from Concept Arts to Building difficult decorations/props and Post Production. Artur have his own professional international Art Team, which is consist of: 2D/3D Artists, Set Designers, Decorators, Set Painter, Prop Masters and professional film translators. All of them is highly experienced working in different challenging environments.