Jenny WU


(Cinema, Television, Theatre)

English (native) , Chinese (fluent)
Height: 168 cm / Weight: 52 kg
Hair colour: brown / Hair length: long
Dress: 38 / Pants: 38 / Bust: 60 / Waist: 90
Hip: 60 / Cup: 30 / Shoes: 38

Jenny Wu, born in Shanghai, China, is an Australian Chinese actress who has currently made the move to Los Angeles.

Raised in Sydney, Australia, Jenny Wu graduated with a Bachelors Degree majoring in Acting from the top Acting School in Australia, The National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), former alumni includes, Cate Blanchett, Mel Gibson, Sam Worthington, Baz Luhrmann etc.

2017 has been a busy year for Jenny Wu. Australia Day, a controversial Australian feature film that explores the hot topics of racism, family and identity, sees Jenny Wu in the leading role opposite Bryan Brown. Directed by one of Australia’s most prominent directors, Kriv Stenders, Australia Day has been selected to screen at various international film festivals and is a Film Prize finalist at the Cinefest Oz. Distributed by Icon.

2017 also sees Jenny Wu in a recurring role in the Golden Globe nominated TV series Top of the Lake China Girl; written, produced and directed by Academy Award winner Jane Campion, and starring Elisabeth Moss, Nicole Kidman, and Gwendoline Christie.

Lady Bloodfight, released in 2017, is a Voltage Pictures martial arts movie directed by Chris Nahon (Kiss of the Dragon), where Jenny Wu plays the antagonist, a street-wise punk who kung fu fights in an all girls underground tournament called the Kumite.

Jenny’s other credits include the critically acclaimed Australian TV seriesSecret City, opposite Anna Torv. She has worked with one of China’s biggest Network Stations, CCTV6, on both Chinese feature films and Chinese TV. She also worked closely with Jackie Chan on the Chinese blockbuster movieDragon Blade as both bilingual assistant director and John Cusack’s personal translator.

Aside from film and tv, Jenny works regularly in theatre, performing and touring with some of Australia’s leading theatre companies. She starred in the Sydney Theatre Company’s hit production of Chimerica. And Recently she just finished a Malthouse Theatre and Sydney Theatre co-prodcution of the new Australian writing Going Down, receiving rave reviews for both the show and Jenny’s performance.

Jenny speaks fluent English and fluent Mandarin, she is skilled in martial arts, puppetry and plays the piano. Jenny holds a valid US working visa.

Showreel: https://vimeo.com/282451142

Fight Reel: https://vimeo.com/208583570

‘Inside’ Short Film:

https://vimeo.com/216844160 Password: guilt

‘Drum Wave’ Short Film:

https://vimeo.com/259821197 Password: drum wave

‘Australia Day’ Feature Film:

https://vimeo.com/226862822 Password: JennyWu221117



[email protected] Height 5’3” Weight 106lb


Australia Day


Foxtel, Hoodlum

Dir: Kriv Stenders

Lady Bloodfight


Voltage Pictures

Dir: Chris Nahon

The Promise I Made to You



Dir: Lin Bai Song

Top of the Lake: China Girl


See-Saw Films, BBC2

Dir: Jane Campion & Ariel Kleiman

Secret City



Dir: Emma Freeman



Sony, Iqiyi

Dir: Tony Tilse

My Little Friends


CCTV 6 & M1905

Dir: Huang Shi Lin


Going Down

Lulu Jayadi/ Mum/Ensemble

Malthouse Theatre & Sydney Theatre Company

Dir: Leticia Caceres



Sydney Theatre Company

Dir: Kip Williams

The Ham Funeral


Siren Theatre Co

Dir: Kate Gaul


National Institute of Dramatic Arts - Bachelor of Dramatic Arts (Acting)


Languages: English (Fluent), Mandarin (Fluent), Shanghainese (Fluent), Musical Instrument: Piano Martial Arts, Puppetry