Art Department Leadman

(Cinema, Television, Theatre)

Artistic Director

(Cinema, Television, Theatre)

English (native)

Thorough out my career, my posts have been in the animation and live action industry, teaching and animation development positions where I participated and spearheaded new and innovative film projects as well as art directed, directed and storyboarded on various high level projects in some of the biggest and smallest animation/film studios around the world, studios like DreamWorks SKG, Universal, Amblimation, Richard Williams, Disney etc. For many years I have worked within the Asian animation/film industry and the Asian animation/film education industry within some large name universities as Peking University in Beijing and MMU in Malaysia as well as directing and production work on some various projects for the 2008 Olympic games in china among others. This is after thirty years of working and lecturing in Australia, Europe and USA. These positions have allowed me to better understand the integration of creative and commercial film, design and digital media in both eastern and western approaches.

While I received my formal education in the media design, my experience includes art directing, story development, storyboarding, animation production, conceptual design, directing and teaching in commercial studios, independent productions, theatre musicals, architectural designs, etc. During my career, it has been a fortunate experience to be involved with the creation and design of many large-scale recognizable productions, working on great projects like “Prince of Egypt”, “The road to El Dorado”, “Balto I and II”, “Piglets Big Movie”, etc. I have also been involved with the creation and design of masters programs in digital animation and story, and have rebuilt two other animation programs in universities in Asia. It has been a welcome challenge to participate in this varied creative industry. Since then my creative work has been exhibited in Magazines and newspapers, on a large number of websites, as well as many animation festivals around the world


Currently, I am a art director working in ‘YILIN’ CREATIVE STUDIO, Beijing CHINA as the Art Director and Head Designer, Head of Creativity on projects Sunshine Robbers(??????), South PoleBattle Ship(??????), etc.


Jerry is a relia and hard worker, and an extremely valuable member of the crew. He has a passion to use, share and teach both the knowledge he has gained during his career and his personal artistic creativity with his colleagues and students.  In doing so, he hopes to provide practical and imaginative solutions and perspectives for this varied world of film.
“I enjoy the challenges and variety of this crazy and fun creative industry.”