(Cinema, Television)

English (native) , Chinese (native)
Height: 185 cm / Weight: 75 kg
Hair colour: black / Hair length: medium
Shoes: 43

Jim LIU was born and raised in Taiwan. In 2010, he was awarded a 3 year scholarship to pursue a PhD degree in Film Studies at the University of Southampton. He began acting in various independent films while studying in the UK. From 2013, Jim launched his international career in the U.K and in the U.S when he moved to London. He has established an unprecedented acting resume in just a few years. His performances have grown into guest star appearances, and supporting and leading roles in major Hollywood and European productions.

In 2018, his work and talent made possible his invitation to teach at Shanghai Vancouver Film School as a part-time lecturer. He left London to Shanghai. It was in China that he saw a space to develop his acting career further. Jim is currently based in Shanghai and is currently working on multiple international television and film projects