Chinese (native) , English (fluent)
Best known for her roles as a poignant and mobile heroine in Li Yang’s Blind Mountain (2007) and Guo Xiaolu’s She, a Chinese (2009), Huang Lu is a Chinese actress active in international arthouse cinema. A graduate from the Department of Performance at the Beijing Film Academy, she has walked the red carpets at Cannes (Blind Mountain and K. Rajagopal’s A Yellow Bird [2016]), Venice (Vimukthi Jayasundara’s Between Two Worlds [2009]), and Berlin (Lou Ye’s Blind Massage [2014] and Jordan Schiele’s Dog Days [2016]), among other international film festivals. She has also become a go-to actress for eccentric or melancholic roles in Taiwanese films such as Apolitical Romance (2012), How to Describe a Cloud (2013), Design 7 Love (2014), and Cities of Last Things (2018).