Lukian WANG


(Cinema, Documentaries, Events, Gaming, Television, Theatre)

English (native) , Chinese , Japanese
Hong Kong
Height: 168 cm Hair colour: black Bust: 84 / Waist: 62
Hip: 92 / Shoes: 37
Born and Raised in London, England studying Theatre and Communications at Kingston College she became an Internet Idol from Blogging & Vlogging on Youtube; one video gaining over 16 million views. Also studying Japanese in London for 5 years she went on an exchange program in Hamamatsu, Japan. Moved to Hong Kong after graduating College working as a Freelance Translator & Model. Joined Hong Kong TVB in 2009 acting in various TV shows and becoming most well-known for playing the Role of “Spring Roll” in Beautiful Cooking II. After her TVB contract ended she then joined the Miss Model of the World contest representing Hong Kong and winning 2 titles. She then continued her acting career appearing as guest appearance until 2014; with her daring and wild personality - she became a Host for the Voodoo/Ghost Documentary series ‘Unbelievable’ for i-Cable which was filmed in Thailand and other Travel Documentaries filmed in China and Japan.

Experience Film

Chasing Dragon II (In production) Top Female Force (In production)


Phantasmal Night Affairs -The Enchanting Story of Qian (In production)

Travel Documentaries Beautiful Cooking II